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Eureka Technology IP Cores Now Available for Altera's ARM®-Based Excalibur™ Devices

• AMPP Partner Eureka Technology to Provide First IP Cores for ARM®-Based Excalibur PLDs

San Jose, Calif., December 3, 2001 -- Altera Corporation (Nasdaq: ALTR) customers using the ARM®-based Excalibur™ embedded processor solutions for compute-intensive, high data bandwidth applications now have access to Eureka Technology Inc.'s extensive intellectual property (IP) portfolio. As an Altera Megafunction Partner Program (AMPPSM) member, Eureka Technology is the first to optimize IP cores for implementation with Altera's ARM-based Excalibur embedded processor solutions.

"Eureka Technology's experience in ARM-based design, implementation and integration will be a tremendous benefit to our customers," said Craig Lytle, vice president of the IP business unit at Altera. "Their valuable experience with system control IP cores will benefit our mutual customers who are developing system-on-a-programmable-chip (SOPC) applications."

Available immediately for Altera's Excalibur embedded processor solutions customers are Eureka Technology's ARM bus master, ARM bus slave, ARM-to-PCI host bridge, and ARM-to-SDRAM controller cores. Eureka Technology's IP cores are designed in synthesizable HDL for logic optimization and supports the ARM AHB bus interface built into the Excalibur embedded processor solutions. The ARM-to-PCI host bridge also supports the PCI Local Bus Specification 2.2.

"By providing our customers with the first IP cores available for Altera's ARM-based Excalibur family, we are reinforcing our commitment to SOPC solutions," said Simon Lau, president of Eureka Technology. "The training and experience we have as an AMPP partner allows us to meet the needs of our mutual customers by providing state-of-the-art intellectual property (IP) cores optimized for programmable logic devices."

The Excalibur ARM-based family of embedded processor programmable logic devices (PLDs) provides single chip-integration of a high-performance 200 MHz ARM922T processor core, programmable logic, on-chip memory, and key peripherals. The first ARM-based device, the EPXA10, is in full production now, and the remaining two will be shipping over the next two quarters.

Pricing and Availability

For full details on all available cores and to obtain free evaluations please visit Eureka's website at or Eureka's homepage on Altera's IP Megastore™ at

Altera Megafunction Partnership Program (AMPP) Program

The Altera Megafunction Partners Program, established in August 1995, was created to bring the advantages of design reuse to users of Altera PLDs. AMPP is an alliance between Altera and developers of IP cores that encourages megafunction development. Altera provides technical information and training to the AMPP partners, who create and support IP cores targeted for Altera programmable logic devices. Currently, there are over 30 AMPP partners who offer more than 150 megafunctions. Customers may request a free evaluation of any of these cores through Altera's megafunction listings at

About Eureka Technology

Eureka Technology is a leading intellectual property (IP) provider for PLD and ASIC designers. The company offers a wide range of silicon-proved system core logic functions and peripheral functions for systems based on PCI bus, PowerPC, ARM, MIPS, ARC, or SH2-4 CPUs. These IP cores are designed to improve the design time-to-market delay, eliminate design risks, and reduce development costs. Founded in 1993, the company has a strong customer base in the United States, Japan and Europe. For more information about the company, please visit the Web site at or send email to

About Altera

Altera Corporation, The Programmable Solutions Company®, was founded in 1983 and is a leading supplier of programmable logic devices (PLDs). Altera's CMOS-based PLDs are user-programmable semiconductor chips that enhance flexibility and reduce time-to-market for companies in the communications, computer peripheral, and industrial markets. By using high performance devices, software development tools, and sophisticated intellectual property cores, system-on-a-programmable-chip (SOPC) solutions can be created with embedded processors, memory, and other complex logic together on a single PLD. Altera common stock is traded on The Nasdaq Stock Market under the symbol ALTR. More information on Altera is available on the Internet at

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