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Eureka Technology Simplifies Memory System Design With High Performance MemConnect™ Solution

LOS ALTOS, California., December 1st, 2004 - Eureka Technology Inc, a leading intellectual property (IP) core provider, today announces the immediate availability of MemConnect™, a complete memory solution. MemConnect is a comprehensive, customizable, and silicon proven IP solution for memory system design. By combining support for multiple memory devices and multiple bus interfaces to create a high performance memory system controller, MemConnect greatly simplifies the task of designing and integrating complex memory systems.

MemConnect supports a full range of memory devices, including: SDR SDRAM, DDR, DDR2, Mobile SDRAM, FCRAM, Flash, Synchronous Flash, SRAM, EEPROM, and NAND Flash. In addition, MemConnect also supports a full range of bus interfaces, including: AMBA, MIPS SysAD and EC interface, PowerPC, PCI, PCI-X, PCI-Express and simple on-chip SoC interfaces. With the memory control, bus interface and arbitration all available from one source, MemConnect ensures that all the components are optimized to deliver the highest bandwidth possible under a unified verification environment.

"Eureka Technology has many years of experience in designing memory systems and bus interfaces. Over 200 successful designs have used Eureka’s memory control and interface technologies." said Simon Lau, President of Eureka Technology. "MemConnect encapsulates all of this expertise and know-how into one simple solution that is readily available to our customers."

In addition to providing a comprehensive selection of memory and bus interfaces, MemConnect also incorporates arbitration units for shared memory access, Error Correct Codes (ECC), data scrubbing, amd DMA controllers, among other features. The arbitration units and bus interface units are optimized to utilize concurrent and pipeline access to memory devices for very high bandwidth applications.

To manage all the features of MemConnect, Eureka Technology introduces MemDesigner™, a powerful tool designed to allow users to quickly customize their memory systems. MemDesigner is a free, web-based application which allows the user to select the number and types of memories, bus interfaces, and other options. It combines the benefit of fully customized features with silicon proven and pre-verified design. MemDesginer removes all unused logic, resulting in smaller gate count and improvement on performance.

"MemDesigner will allow our customers to customize their designs quickly and easily. It will also guide them through the design process and allow them to select various options to ensure first-pass design success." said Simon Lau. "It is freely available from our web site which will allow our customers to evaluate and see MemConnect's capabilities prior to committing to the design."

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About Eureka Technology

Eureka Technology is a leading intellectual property (IP) provider for ASIC and FPGA designs. The company offers a wide range of silicon-proven system core logic functions and peripheral functions to support different CPU and bus standards including PowerPC™, ARM™, MIPS™, PCI™, Cardbus™, SDRAM, CompactFlash and PCMCIA™. These IP cores are designed to improve the design time-to-market delay, eliminate design risks, and reduce development costs for SoC designs. In addition to providing individual silicon proven IP cores, Eureka Technology also specializes in integration and customization of IP cores for SoC design according to customer specification.

Since it was founded in 1993, Eureka Technology has been dedicated to the engineering development of integrated circuit design. The company focuses exclusively on IP development, integration and customization for various applications. The company is located in Los Altos at the heart of Silicon Valley. Eureka Technology is one of the first few companies to develop IP cores for ASIC and FPGA designs and has licensed hundreds of IP cores to its customers successfully. The company is specially honored by many of our customers who return to us for more IP products after their initial successes. Eureka Technology, Inc. headquarters are located at: 4962 El Camino Real, Los Altos, CA 94022 USA; Telephone 1-650-960-3800, FAX: 1-650-960-3805. For more information on Eureka Technology, please visit its World Wide Web site at or send email to


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