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Eureka Technology and embWiSe Partners in embedded SD/SDIO solution

Los Altos, California, April 20th, 2009 - Eureka Technology Inc., a leading provider of system connectivity Intellectual Property (IP) cores and embWiSE, an off-the-shelf SD/SDIO software provider, today announced a partnership of software and hardware solution to their customers. The combination of Eureka's SD/SDIO/MMC controller and embWiSe's SDIOWorx software is a proven solution in current customers' production.

"A complete SD design requires close integration between hardware and software", said Simon Lau, President of Eureka Technology. "This silicon proven solution offers compatibility, superior performance and highly customizable system for FPGA and SoC/ASIC applications. Our design has been tested extensively with available SD devices so our customers do not need to worry about interoperability between hardware, software and spec conformance", he added.

"We are pleased to have a synergistic business association with Eureka Technology," said G. Srinivasan, Managing Director of embWiSe. "With its SD/SDIO IP cores, Eureka offers a compelling solution for SoC/ASIC vendors targeting mobile and other digital convergent devices. Our SDIOWorx software stack already has several design-ins in the mobile communications, mobile CE and other converged device designs. We have achieved a high throughput performance with our SDIO drivers on Eureka's SD/SDIO IP core based SD Host Controllers for storage and SDIO-WiFi. We are positive that our collaborative hardware-software solutions will significantly add value to our customers, in terms of reduced engineering and time-to-market costs, in addition to high system throughput".

The Eureka SD/SDIO IP cores include system host controller and card (slave) controller IP cores. Each IP core is highly configurable to meet different system design requirements. Many features are offered to ease system integration and provide very high system throughput. Both IP cores conform to the SD 2.0 standard and is also compatible with MultiMediaCard (MMC) standard.

embWiSe offers SDIOWorx which includes: the SD Host Driver, SDIO Stack, SD/SDHC Storage Drivers and SDIO-WiFi Driver Software for popular WLAN technologies. SDIOWorx, with its support for several host processors and leading embedded OS platforms like Linux, ThreadX, Nucleus and uITRON, targets the Mobile Communications, Mobile CE and other digitally converged devices market.

About Eureka Technology

Eureka Technology Inc. is a leading provider of Intellectual Property (IP) cores to ASIC/SoC, FPGA and system designers. The company develops and markets innovative IP solutions that enable its customers to create and produce differentiating products with the fastest time to market. Eureka offers a broad range of silicon proven system connectivity IP and core logic functions to be used with different CPU and standard interfaces like PCI/PCIe™, AXI™, AHB™, PowerPC™, SD/SDIO/MMC™, CompactFlash™, SDRAM, SLC/MLC NAND Flash and others. These IP cores offer advanced and optional features that address the high performance requirements of each application at significantly reduced cost. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, California, Eureka Technology has licensed hundreds of IP cores to leading semiconductor and system companies worldwide. For more information, please visit our website at or send an email to

About embWiSe

embWiSe is a four year old hybrid products/services start-up in Chennai, India with subsidiary operations in Santa Clara, CA, USA. embWiSe offers an off-the-shelf OS independent embedded SD/SDIO solution, namely SDIOWorx, which includes: the SD Host Driver, SDIO Stack, SD/SDHC Storage Drivers and SDIO-WiFi Driver Software for popular WLAN technologies. Targeting the Mobile Communications and Mobile CE market, SDIOWorx, with its support for several host processors and leading embedded OS platforms, significantly reduces the engineering lead-time and time-to-market for semiconductor and device vendors. embWiSe also offers value-added NRE services around SPI,USB and CF interconnect and 802.11 WiFi technologies.


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