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SD/MMC and NAND Flash IP Cores Validated for Mentor Graphics’ Precision® FPGA Synthesis

Los Altos, California, May 21st, 2009 - Eureka Technology, leading provider of system connectivity IP cores for SoC designs has validated its NAND Flash controller, Secure Digital (SD, SDIO) and Multimedia Card (MMC) host and device controller IP cores for use with Mentor Graphics’ Precision® Synthesis FPGA flow. Designers can now use the advanced features of Precision Synthesis to achieve superior results with Eureka Technology’s IP cores for multiple FPGA device vendors.

"Eureka Technology has a wide selection of IP designed for FPGA implementations," said Daniel Platzker, product line director of FPGA synthesis at Mentor Graphics. "Mentor delivers a comprehensive, vendor-independent FPGA design flow, and the compatibility between Precision Synthesis and Eureka Technology IP cores enable our mutual customers the freedom to choose the most suitable FPGA device for their applications."

"The high performance and reliability of our silicon proven SD/SDIO/MMC and NAND Flash controller IP cores have been demonstrated repeatedly in many of our customers' SoC applications," said Simon Lau, president of Eureka Technology. "The success of these products creates very strong demand from our customers. Support for Mentor Graphics' Precision Synthesis further allows our customers to develop SD/SDIO/MMC or any NAND Flash based systems quickly and cost-effectively using the FPGA device of their choice."

All cores are available today. For ordering and information, please visit or contact Eureka Technology at

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Eureka Technology Inc. is a leading Intellectual Property (IP) core provider to ASIC/SoC, FPGA and system designers. The company develops and markets innovative IP cores that enable its customers to create and produce differentiating products. Eureka offers a wide range of silicon proven system core logic and peripheral functions to be used with different CPU and peripheral bus standards such as AXI™, AHB™, PowerPC™, PCI Express™, PCI™, Cardbus™, SDR/DDR SDRAM, NAND Flash, SD memory™, SDIO™, MultiMedia Card (MMC) CompactFlash™ and PCMCIA™. These IP cores offer advanced features, allowing customers to create product differentiation while improving time-to-market and reducing development costs. Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, California, Eureka Technology has licensed hundreds of IP cores to leading semiconductor and system companies worldwide. For additional information on the company and product offerings, please visit our website at or send an email to


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