Eureka Technology partners with embWise to provide complete SD/SDIO/MMC hardware and software solutions to our customers.

embWiSe is a four year old hybrid products/services start-up in Chennai, India with subsidiary operations in Santa Clara,CA,USA.embWiSe offers an off-the-shelf OS independent embedded SD/SDIO solution,namely SDIOWorx, which includes: the SD Host Driver,SDIO Stack ,SD/SDHC Storage Drivers and SDIO-WiFi Driver Software for popular WLAN technologies. Targeting the Mobile Communications and Mobile CE market , SDIOWorx with its support for several Host Processor and leading embedded OS platforms.significantly reduces the engineering lead-time and time-to-market for semiconductor and device vendors.embWiSe also offers value-added NRE services around SPI,USB and CF interconnect and 802.11 WiFi technologies.