Eureka Technology partners with HCC-Embedded to provide complete hardware and software solutions for NAND Flash Controller designs.

HCC-Embedded provides Flash Translation Layer (FTL) software that integrates seamlessly with Eureka Technology's NAND Flash controller. The FTL software handles bad block management, wear leveling and ECC in cooperation with the NAND Flash controller IP core. This is a production proven integration between hardware and software. Our customers significantly reduced their product development time by using the FTL and NAND Flash controller together to handle the software and hardware aspects of NAND Flash access.

HCC-Embedded is a specialist in storage systems for embedded applications . It is a leading vendor of file systems, communication solutions and associated products. HCC-Embedded's versatile and comprehensive family of file systems includes two high-performance FAT12/16/32 systems, one of which is failsafe against power interruptions, as well as a FAT12/16/32 system that is designed for use in minimal environments. Several non-FAT failsafe systems are available. One is for applications in which high-performance is required; the second is a tightly designed system for minimal environments. All of HCC-Embedded's file system APIs conform to industry standards.