Product Summary  



EP150 MIPS SysAD Bus Slave


  • Supports 64-bit MIPs CPU bus through the SysAD bus interface.
  • Supports single and burst access from CPU.
  • Dispatches CPU request to SDRAM controller, FLASH controller, PCI, user interface, and system control registers.
  • Supports two outstanding read operation to two groups of data sources.
  • Supports out-of-order data return.
  • Two write buffers to maximize data bandwidth.
  • Centralized control of all access to system control registers by CPU and by user logic.
  • Provide access path from CPU to external user logic.
  • All input signals from CPU are sampled by flip-flops before propagate to other logic in order to minimized input setup time.
  • Address translation between the SysAD bus address space and the PCI address space.
  • Boot-mode initialization serial bit stream and CPU reset generation.


SysAD bus slave