Product Summary  



EP155 MIPS EC Interface Bus Slave


  • Designed with synthesizable HDL for ASIC and FPGA synthesis.
  • Compliant to the EC Interface of the MIPS CPU.
  • Supports MIPS64 5K and MIPS32 4K processor core family.
  • Supports separate address and data phases on the EC bus interface.
  • Dual write buffers to support write posting.
  • Up to 3 bus transfers outstanding at various stage of processing.
  • Supports address pipeline by EC interface.
  • Out of order access completion and separate read and write data phase.
  • Supports both single and burst transfer.
  • Sequential ordering burst address sequence.
  • Supports any number of wait states in address and data phases.
  • Multiple user logics such as the SDRAM controller, PCI host bridge and system control registers can be access through the bus slave.
  • Supports parallel write to two different agents at the backend to improve the system performance.
  • Address translation between the EC bus address space and the PCI address space.


EC interface bus slave