Product Summary  



EP505 EC Interface to SDRAM Controller


  • Designed with synthesizable HDL for ASIC and PLD synthesis.
  • SDRAM controller interface directly with MIPS EC interface and user interface.
  • Built-in arbitration between two access ports.
  • Second access port allows memory sharing with user logic devices.
  • Dual write buffer for simultaneous write posting and SDRAM access.
  • Address pipeline and separate read and write data phases are supported.
  • Zero wait state burst data transfer on both MIPS EC interface and SDRAM.
  • Operates on both discrete SDRAM chips and PC100/133 SDRAM DIMM.
  • Supports industrial standard SDRAM from 64Mbit to 256Mbit device sizes.
  • Pipeline access allows continues data transfer without wasted cycle.
  • Fast page access on row address matching.
  • Independent row address matching for each of the 4 SDRAM banks.
  • Programmable memory size: 4, 8, 16 and 32 bits per SDRAM.
  • Programmable SDRAM access timing parameters.
  • Automatic refresh generation with programmable refresh intervals.