Product Summary  



download PCI Express Endpoint Controller information EC310 PCI-Express Bus Controller

See EC314 for 4-Lane PCI Express Endpoint Controller


  • Certified PCI Express compliance with PCI-SIG.
  • Supports all 3 layers of PCI Express protocol.
  • Simple user interface to send and receive requests from the PCI Express Link with address and data bus.
  • Automatically generates and decodes all PCI Express packets and header information.
  • Handles all PCI Express protocols, ordering rules, flow control, LCRC, error checking, replay, scrambling and lane training.
  • Includes all PCI Express configuration and power management registers.
  • High performance design deliver close to 100% of the theoretical bandwidth in real applications.
  • Multiple posted requests and pending request queues.
  • Single lane and optional 4 lane supports up to 10Gbps.
  • Optional AHB user interface and DMA transfer.
  • Synthesizable RTL code for ASIC and FPGA implementations.
  • Standard PIPE interface supports for on-chip and off-chip PHY.
  • Silicon proven design interoperable across multiple platforms.
  • PCI Express development kit available, including development board, demonstration software and device driver.


PCI Express Bus Controller block diagram