Product Summary  



download PCI-to-PCI bridge informationEP440 PCI-PCI Bridge


  • Fully supports PCI bus specification 2.2 and PCI bridge specification 1.1.
  • Designed for ASIC and PLD implementations.
  • Fully static design with edge triggered flip-flops.
  • Independent asynchronous PCI clocks on primary and secondary bus.
  • Convert bus transactions between primary bus and secondary bus.
  • Combined bus master and target functions on both primary bus and secondary bus.
    • Master function
    • Initiate PCI memory and IO read/write
    • Automatic transfer restart on target retry and disconnect
    • Initiate type 0 and type 1 configuration access on secondary bus
    • Target function
    • Memory or IO read/write
    • Receives type 0 and type 1 configuration access on primary bus
    • Posted memory write transaction and delay transaction on all other transaction types
  • Dual write buffer on each direction supports posted memory write.
  • Supports prefetchable and non-prefetchable memory read.
  • Delay transaction processes IO read/write, configuration read/write and memory read transactions.
  • Supports target retry, disconnect, master abort and target abort terminations.
  • Parity generation and parity error detection.
  • Includes all PCI-PCI bridge specific configuration registers.
  • Supports high speed bus request and bus parking.
  • Optional PCI bus arbiter with fix, rotating, and custom priority.


PCI-to-PCI bridge block diagram