Product Summary  



download SD 3.0 host controller with eMMC 4.5 support informationEP553 SD 3.0/eMMC 4.5 Host Controller


  • Host controller for SD and SDIO 3.0 with options to support eMMC 4.5 interface.
  • Allows host CPU to access SD and MMC devices.
  • Simple user interface optimized for on-chip bus connection.
  • Choices of AHB, AXI, APB, PLB, Wishbone, Avalon, SH4 and generic user interface.
  • Supports Ulta High Speed UHS interface including SDR104, SDR50, DDR50, SDR25 and SDR12.
  • Supports programable clock mode to allow data transfer running at UHS while base clock at lower speed to save power.
  • Input tuning and share bus configuration.
  • Auto CMD23 command support.
  • Supports SDMA operation for high speed data transfer without CPU polling of data.
  • Implement SD host controller standard register set for support of standard SDIO development tool.
  • 8-bit data transfer when eMMC option is included.
  • Supports all standard SD/SDIO bus drivers including Windows and Linux.
  • Fully programmable access timing.
  • Hardware handling of CRC error detection and interrupt generation.
  • Supports multi-function SD cards, command suspend, resume, and block transfers.
  • Option to operate the user interface and card interface at different clock domains.
  • Direct mapping of host address space to card address space.
  • Designed for ASIC and FPGA implementations.
  • Fully static design with edge triggered flip-flops.

Differentiating Features

  • Choices of AXI, AHB, APB, PLB, Wishbone, Avalon, SH4 and generic user interface.
  • Option to support eMMC 4.5 with 8-bit bus interface.
  • Program clock mode allows the controller to operate at slow FPGA device and achieve UHS transfer rate at the same time.
  • Asynchronous user interface.


SD 3.0 Host Controller IP core with eMMC 4.5 support block diagram