Product Summary  



download SDIO/SD memory/MMC slave controller informationEP563 SD/SDIO 3.0 Card Controller


  • Compatible with SD/SDIO specification 3.0 with 1 and 4 bit data transfer.
  • Option to support MMC 4.2 with 8-bit data width.
  • Support SD, SPI and optional MMC bus protocol.
  • Support standard capacity, high capacity (SDHC) and extended capacity (SDXC) memory cards.
  • Support high speed and Ultra High Speed-I (UHS-I) modes including SDR25, SDR50, SDR104 and DDR50 bus speed.
  • Up to maximum transfer rate of 104 Mbyte/sec.
  • Simple 32-bit bus master interface to DMA data into user memory space.
  • Selectable maximum block size from 512 to 16Kbytes.
  • Each IO function includes up to 4096 bytes of data buffer.
  • Process most commands automatically without user interference.
  • Contains SD memory/SDIO standard slave register set.
  • Hardware CRC generation and detection.
  • Supports multi-function SDIO and SD Combo cards.
  • Process SD 3.0 commands including speed class, tuning, voltage and block size control.
  • Full CPRM security implementation.
  • Password protection for SD cards.
  • Options for AHB, APB, PLB, Wishbone, SH4, Avalon and Generic user interface.
  • Options for interrupt-based user interface.


SD 3.0 Card Controller IP core block diagram