Product Summary  



EP100 PowerPC Bus Slave


  • Fully supports PowerPC™ 60x bus protocol including PowerPC 603, 604, 740, 750 and MPC8260.
  • Designed for ASIC or FPGA implementations in various system environments.
  • Direct support for standard asynchronous SRAM and synchronous BURST SRAM.
  • User interface bus for on-chip and off-chip user logic access.
  • Variable wait state supported on user logic.
  • Burst access supported on all interfaces.
  • Process memory requests on the PowerPC bus.
  • Handles separate address bus and data bus tenure.
  • Supports PowerPC address pipeline for improve performance.
  • Supports address bus retry generated by other external device.
  • Address parity and data parity detection and generation.


PowerPC Bus Slave