SoCDesigner is a free web-based interactive software that allows our customers to customize their SoC designs according to their exact specifications. The SoCDesigner software builds customized SoC by integrating pre-verified modules from our rich repertorie of silicon proven IP cores. Multiple options can be selected from each module to fit the requirements and each module can be enabled or disabled according to needs.

The SoCDesigner is ideal for designing CPU companion chips or system controller chips that consist of multiple modules. The SoCDesigner supports several industrial bus standards and CPU cores such as PCI, Cardbus, PCMCIA, CompactFlash, PowerPC CPU, ARM, ARC, MIPS and SuperH (SH2/3/4).



Instructions :

SoCDesigner is very simple to use and no software installation is required. To launch SoCDe-signer and start designing your SoC, please click on the buttons below. Your web browser will display an SoC design template in schematic form. You can click on each module to enable, disable, or specify options for the module according to your need. The complexity score box is automatically updated to reflect the complexity changes of the design due to different specifications. Once you have completed the specifications, please click the <continue> button and a design specific data sheet will be emailed to you for your record.

You may submit multiple designs to test out different design choices until you are satisfied with the results. Based on your specification, we will generate the IP for your application.