Product Summary  



download PCI-ISA bridge informationEC150 PCI-ISA Bridge


  • Compliant with PCI bus specification 2.1 and 2.2.
  • Convert PCI transaction to ISA bus transaction.
  • Function as PCI target on PCI bus.
  • Function as ISA master on ISA bus.
  • Map PCI address space to ISA address space through Base Address Register.
  • Supports 16-bit and 8-bit data transfer, memory and IO transfers on ISA bus.
  • ISA bus operates on one-fourth the frequency of the PCI clock.
  • Performs multiple ISA operations to transfer each 32-bit PCI word.
  • Write buffer to speed up PCI-to-ISA write transfer.
  • Support ISA devices with different speed by using NOWS# and CHRDY signals.
  • Parity generation and parity error detection on PCI bus.
  • Includes all PCI specific configuration registers.
  • Fully synchronous design, no gated clock or transparent latch. All flip-flops are rising edge trigger.


PCI-ISA bridge block diagram