Product Summary  



download 32-bit PCI Master/Target informationEC220 32-bit PCI Master/Target

See EC240 for 64-bit PCI Master/Target


  • Compliant with PCI specification 2.2/2.3/3.0 protocol.
  • Designed for ASIC and FPGA implementations in various system environments.
  • Combines bus master and bus target functions in one core.
  • Supports burst transfer to maximize memory bandwidth.
  • Zero wait state PCI data transfer. Up to 133Mbyte/sec at 33Mhz and 266Mbyte/sec at 66Mhz.
  • Supports target retry, disconnect and target abort.
  • Automatic transfer restart on target retry and disconnect.
  • Concurrent bus master and target function.
  • Write buffer for target write data posting to increase PCI bus performance.
  • Responds to standard PCI configuration access.
  • Supports all PCI specific configuration registers.
  • User controlled base address register sizing and mapping.
  • Retry counter to limit bus access to non-responsive target device.
  • PCI status directly available to user logic for interrupt generation.

Differentiating Features

  • Asynchronous user interface
  • Power management.
  • DMA controller.
  • Direct interface to AMBA AHB, Mips or Power PC.
  • Dual address cycle.
  • Hot swap for compact PCI.
  • Host bridge function.


32-bit PCI master/target block diagram