Product Summary  



download eMMC/MMC card slave controller informationEP567 eMMC/MMC Card Slave Controller


  • Compatible with eMMC/MMC specification 4.41.
  • Supports Dual Data Rate (DDR) data transfer.
  • Enhanced MMC features including Boot, Sleep Mode, Reliable Write, Multiple Partitions and Security.
  • Supports eMMC and Removable Card with option for SD 3.0 device support.
  • Simple 32-bit bus master interface to DMA data into user memory space.
  • Optional interrupt-based transfer mode to allow local CPU maximum control.
  • Optional two clock domain implementation allows user bus interface and MMC clock operates at different clock domains.
  • Selectable maximum block size from 512 to 2Kbytes.
  • Process most commands automatically without needing support from user logic..
  • Supports eMMC/MMC 4.41 command and standard slave register set.
  • Choice of user interface bus including AXI, AHB, APB, PLB, Wishbone, SH4 and Avalon bus.


eMMC/MMC Card Slave Controller IP core block diagram